Positive Leadership Strengths Cards

Identify, understand and play to your strengths

1 set of Positive Leadership Strengths Cards (24 cards).

Now also available direct in the UK from Appreciating Strengths: www.acukltd.com/cards


Positive Leadership Strengths Cards: set of 24 Strengths at Work Cards

Your strengths identify what positively distinguishes you. Your top strengths fuel and fortify you to lead a flourishing life.

Use the Positive leadership Strengths Cards for insight and development activities for individuals and teams.

Each card describes a single strength at work, giving you clear information about how each strength defines and motivates us; drives and shows up in high performance: when we are at our best; and also when it gets us into trouble. Suggestions for supporting people with each strength, to bring out their best, are also provided. 

Each strength card describes a single strength at work:

  • Strength characteristics
  • I am at my best when...
  • I am motivated by...
  • I am blocked by...
  • I am best supported by...

The Positive Leadership Strengths Cards are used by individuals, facilitators, coaches, teachers, and university lecturers around the world. 

For practitioner references and resources, please see the Resources page on this website